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Don’t let counterfeiters and unauthorised sellers damage your brand’s reputation or affect your online activity. Our cutting-edge solutions ensure that your brand is fully protected in today’s fast-paced online marketplaces, so you can focus on maximising your return on investment (ROI).
Brand Protection Services


Digital Brand Protection

We use machine learning and targeted scans to identify and swiftly respond to online threats that could harm your brand’s reputation and revenue. We cover a range of threats, including counterfeiters and even unknown attack patterns, and provide protection for NFTs. We work closely with partners and employees to ensure visibility and governance across all channels of online activity.

Digital Brand Protection
Social Media Impersonation Solutions


Social Media Impersonation Solutions

Our Social Media Impersonation Solutions are equipped to detect scammers who use fake profiles to engage in social engineering, distribute fake news, and scam customers. We also identify and prevent counterfeiters from using domains that are similar to your brand, and monitor activity online for potential threats. This comprehensive approach helps to protect your brand from the persistent and ever-evolving tactics of counterfeiters, preventing the loss of revenue and consumer confusion.


Fast Site Takedown (Incident Response)

Our Service Organisation Control (SOC) employs expert human analysts who provide fast site takedown for incident responsiveness. They also utilize quadrillions of targeted scans to identify and block counterfeiters who create fake profiles, preventing employees from visiting them. Our proactive approach ensures swift action for blocking and taking down such threats.
Fast Site Takedown (Incident Responsive)
Proactive Social Media Protection


Proactive Social Media Protection

To prevent brand damage and financial loss, it’s essential to have proactive social media protection. Attackers can easily clone sites, causing consumer confusion. Our 24/7 Service Organisation Control (SOC) confirms threats and works with social media companies to take them down immediately.

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